These are some strange times we're living in.

And every day, they get stranger by the minute. Let's be honest, things are kind of messy in the world right now, and it can be so difficult to try and wrap your head around it all. In an effort to gain greater perspective and attempt to deconstruct the chaos, we started this podcast. Amidst all of the uncertainty, we found we couldn't help but laugh at the sheer absurdity.

Podcasting live from Planet Earth.

As it turns out, podcasting from space was sadly not in the budget. Welcome to Everything Is Absurd - a podcast aimed at starting conversations about all sorts of weird stuff and hopefully entertaining you along the way. Join us as we document our attempts to sort out the mess of...well, everything. We are hoping to learn something new, and we hope you'll learn something too. Or at least laugh. We're pretty funny sometimes, athough not always on purpose.

Picking up the signal.

Starting 9/15/21, we will be releasing episodes weekly on Wednesdays. It will be available to stream anywhere you find podcasts, so worry not - your favorite app is almost certainly supported. In the meantime, feel free to write us via the contact form and follow us on your social media platforms of choice.


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